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The Village Studio gift shop is always looking for unique ideas to offer to our customers and the community. If you are interested in hosting a workshop with us, email Melissa at and let's chat about your idea! 

The Details

  • Minimum class size is 5 students. If at least 5 students do not sign up for the class it will be canceled and refunds will be issued. If we get 5 people or more the class will be held.

  • Our workshop space can hold up to 10 people depending on the project. If a project requires more elbow room we will cap it at a lower number. If the workshop is extremely popular we are open to offering multiple sessions of the same project.

  • The Workshop should ideally run ~90 minutes. Anything less, people may not feel they got their money's worth. If the workshop runs much longer than 90 minutes people tend to start getting tired and antsy. 90 minutes is the sweet spot. 

  • Workshops are generally held on Saturdays during business hours. We will consider hosting a weeknight workshop on a case by case basis. As a general rule, we only host weeknight workshops during the holiday season.

  • You may charge whatever you wish for your workshop. The price should be inclusive of all materials needed to complete the project. The Village Studio will add $10 to the purchase price. For example, if you want $50 per person we will charge $60 per person. 

  • The Village Studio will create/host the event listing and collect the money. We will also create event listings on social media, google and other event platforms. We want the workshop to be successful for all and we will work hard to promote the workshop. We ask that you also heavily promote the workshop on your social media and email newsletter (if you have one). 

  • Tip: Provide great photos! The more compelling and professional your photos look, the more likely people will purchase a ticket. 3-5 photos is ideal as well as a photo of yourself if you are up for it. We are happy to provide a short bio in the listing to show off your credentials. 

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