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Want to Join the Village studio?

Who we are looking for

All items must be handmade by the artisan applying or by a maker in their business. We encourage you to stop by, see what our atmosphere is like and determine if your items would be a fit for our shop. We do our best to offer a wide variety of items so that there is something for everyone without a lot of redundancy. Our goal is to create a shop that is eclectic, inspiring and fun to be in.

How you can stand out

We are looking for artisans who are passionate, creative and fun. Feel free to be yourself when answering the questions in the application. Talk to us like you'd talk  to your friends, because we want to be your friend!  Also, take the time to curate high quality photos. If we don't know you personally, all we have are your answers and your photos to gain insight into what you create and why it drives you. Don't be shy! Take advantage of user friendly photo editing programs such as PicMonkey or Canva to touch up your photos and create fun collages.

What's our Vibe?

Ah, we are so glad you asked! Boho, Industrial,  with a dash of Rustic and a side of wine (Vodka for Sally)...that's us! At any given time when you stop by to shop, you will likely hear the purring of a sewing machine while Jo gives a sewing lesson. We are as casual as they come, you won't find anything stuffy in our shop!

So whaddya say?

Interested? Even if we already have an artisan selling a similar product in our shop, we encourage you to apply anyhow. Over time, circumstances change and artisans will come and go. Get on our radar now so we can contact you when a spot that is perfect for you opens up.

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