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TEACH @ The Village Studio

If you have mastered a skill, enjoy teaching and are looking to make some money on the side, we may just have an opportunity for you. 


When The Village Studio opened in June of 2021 we launched group workshops where students would gather to to learn how to make one specific project. Our workshops were successful and the students had lots of fun but we noticed that the "one and done" model didn't work well in every scenario.


We started to think about how we could do things differently so that our students could truly learn a new skill. After all, to learn something you need consistent instruction and practice over the course of time. We turned to our sewing lesson model where our in-house stitcher, Jo, teaches up to two students at a time the art of sewing. She starts with the very basics and, over the course of 5 lessons, works up to more advanced skills. The one on one interaction allows Jo to structure each lesson according to the skill level of the student; there is no cookie-cutter curriculum. 


We are looking to take that same model and create more lesson offerings for our customers. For example, lots of people want to learn how to knit, crochet, draw, etc...but trying to master even just the basics of these mediums simply doesn't happen overnight. 


You will propose a medium and a curriculum to The Village Studio.  Together, we will determine the price to charge students. We will pay you a set price per lesson (to be determined) and create an official offering on our website for students to sign up. When someone signs up you will work with them directly to schedule lessons at the Studio. 

If you are interested in teaching individual or small group lessons in our North Andover Studio, email to schedule a meeting to discuss your idea. 

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