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meet the maker: Denise Kysor

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

New England Equinox

Abstract Fluid Artist Denise Kysor is based in Brentwood New Hampshire and is a lifelong New Englander.

The color, texture and fluidness of nature has been the inspiration for much of her artwork. A passion for color and love of experimenting with different techniques keeps the artwork ever changing, like the seasons of her native environment.

Previously a fabric artist, Denise's shift to acrylics as a medium has elevated the opportunity to use a wide variety of substrates. Her current projects are repurposing vinyl records into abstract wall clocks and making jewelry from fluid paintings placed under glass to enhance their beauty.

“With each piece, I look forward to the often-unexpected morphing of the paint, and I love the challenge of controlling that chaos. For me, much of the art parallels the complexities and uniqueness found in nature."

Denise's work can be purchased at The Village Studio and at artisan fairs around Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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